Supplier selection

To guarantee product quality we carefully select the best suppliers for our raw materials. These suppliers are selected on the basis of their quality system and the price/quality ratio of their products.

Quality Standards

Schouten Europe endeavours to work with certified partners as much as possible. If this isn’t possible, we work together to Ensure that our partners are ready to conform to a quality standard such as BRC or IFS. We’ll only join forces with a production partner if they’re actively working towards for certification.

We also expect our raw material suppliers to have such certification. If this isn’t possible then we see if their quality systems are compatible with the requirements as stated in these standards. We do this by means of a questionnaire which suppliers must Always complete for approval and, if necesseray, with an additional audit. Furthermore performance per suppliers is monitored, then tested annually to see if they’re supplying satisfactorily.


Production sites

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