IFS Broker Certificate

IFS Broker CertificateApart from the strict quality requirements that we require of our production sites, we have also obtained an IFS Broker Certificate. By working in accordance with the IFS Broker certification standard we Ensure that the correct quality standards are applied. In this way we can Ensure that we supply as safe a product as possible.

About IFS Broker

IFS Broker is a standard established especially for companies that trade in products and commodities, but where they don’t manufacture any themselves. Since we’re also not producers ourselves, this standard applies to us. The standard defines a large number of requirements to help us set up a good quality system. With this system in place, we’re encouraged to Always work at high level of quality and Ensure that important matters aren’t forgotten. The procedures established describe how we must work in order to Ensure that our products comply with the correct standards and legislation and are of the highest quality.

You can download our certificate here