Ensuring consistent product quality and food safety are top priorities in our business operations. The products we supply are made by BRC or IFS certified companies. This means that all processes are wel managed and also that these companies can guarantee high quality as well as the safest possible products. These standards keep us all focused in order to continue to perform well. Any abnormalities are identified and tackled promptly and new insights ad improvements are implemented quickly.

Quality Assurance

Manufacture of our products proceeds according to the highest standards to ensure food quality and safety. Established procedures govern the inspection of among other things:

Production line for the production and processing of meat substitutes
  • Incoming goods
  • Effectively cleaned
  • Temperature of semi-finished products
  • The heating process
  • End product weight
  • Temperature control in areas and during transport
  • Metal detection
  • Appearance of the end product

Precautions and Analyses

In order to ensure continuous quality and food safety, checks and analyses will also be continually conducted outside the production process. This involves:

  • Sensory inspection
  • Chemical analyses
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Site sampling for e.g. Listeria

Referencing and traceability

Laboratory where our meat substitutes are checkedA sample from each production batch is saved and stored until the expiry date of the batch. All process and analysis results are saved until at least two years after expiry of the sell-by date.

A bottom-up and top-down full traceability is possible using the name and batch code, or expiry date. Traceability tests are carried out regularly as part of internal audits.

Production sites

Supplier selection

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