Custom solutions

Product Development

Schouten Europe develops, produces and sells meat substitutes based on vegetable proteins, and does so worldwide for the retail market, food service and industry. With more than 25 years of experience and a wide range of vegetarian products we offer tailor-made solutions.

Production and quality

Our specialized production facilities allow us to quickly select the best production method for your desired product. Our production sites are BRC and IFS certified. In addition, we work with our own quality assurance department.

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Our meat substitutes

We supply a wide range of full meat substitutes:

    • Based on various vegetable proteins
    • Contain egg proteins from free-range chickens
    • GM-free (RTRS member)
    • Contain RSPO-certified and sustainable palm oil
    • Instant-ready
    • Low in saturated fat
    • High proportion of protein
    • High proportion of dietary fibre
    • No trans fats (hydrogenated FAT)
    • Contain vitamin B12 and iron

Better for the environment, better for animal welfare, better for your health.